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Collection: GILL WATKISS

Explore Gill Watkiss paintings for sale.

Gill Watkiss was born in 1938 and studied at the Walthamstow School of Art where she was taught by Edward Middleditch, one of the 'kitchen sink' group of artists. With her late husband, the artist and author Reg Watkiss, Gill moved to Cornwall in 1959.  First to Mousehole, then to various parts of West Penwith, including Zennor, St Just, and Newlyn. In 1969 Gill moved to a house at Cape Cornwall, St. Just; a move that Gill later recalled was to become a major turning point in her development as an artist. Gill found inspiration in the people and places around the market town of St Just and Cape Cornwall – part of the Heritage Coastline and only a short distance from Land’s End. She captured the wind-blown streets of St Just and stoic resistance and vitality of its inhabitants. Gill is also one of a long line of artists to have benefitted from, and expressed in her work, the distinct light to be found in this far west peninsula.

More often than not Gill's subjects are women. Her works can be viewed as a celebration of these strong, independent woman taking on the challenges of life as they do the sea wind and driving rain of their Cornish environment.  

​Gill Watkiss’s works are instantly recognisable and impossible to confuse. She is a wonderful painter of the ordinary stuff of life recorded in her inimitable and unforgettable manner.

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